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Specializing in insolvency and reorganization

In the midst of financial distress, navigating the labyrinth of bankruptcy law can feel insurmountable. At Friedman Law Group, P.C., we draw upon over 40 years of rich experience in bankruptcy law to help guide you through these challenging times, offering innovative and strategic solutions designed to safeguard your financial future.

Our accomplished attorneys have a proven track record in handling intricate insolvency and reorganization cases, adeptly representing both debtors and creditors across jurisdictions in California, New York, Illinois, and Delaware. We extend a comprehensive suite of services, including:

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Restructuring

With extensive knowledge in bankruptcy law, we provide strategic guidance to both individuals and businesses navigating Chapter 11. Our focus is on creating optimal restructuring plans to regain financial stability.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Should Chapter 7 bankruptcy be under consideration, our team will accompany you throughout the journey. We prioritize delivering empathetic, comprehensive, and precise advice that is molded to your unique circumstances.

Creditor Representation

We act as staunch advocates for creditors amidst bankruptcy proceedings. Our practice is to work tirelessly in the protection of your legal rights and financial interests, ensuring they remain safeguarded at all times.

Preference Actions and Adversary Actions

Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of bankruptcy law, we effectively handle preference and adversary actions. Our dedication lies in the protection of your interests, working diligently towards the best outcomes.

Loan Acquisition

The path to securing a loan is layered with complexity. We provide expert guidance, skillfully negotiating and obtaining the most favorable terms to bolster your financial footing.

Transaction Management

The transaction process demands precision and dedication. We handle every aspect—from due diligence and contract drafting to negotiation and finalization, always with your best interests in focus.

Risk Mitigation

The financial landscape is fraught with potential pitfalls. Through strategic advice, we identify and sidestep potential hazards early, safeguarding your bottom line and ensuring your growth.

Reliable allies in your financial recovery.

At Friedman Law Group, P.C., we understand the enormous pressures that financial distress can place upon you. Our goal is to take on your legal challenges, creating space for you to focus on reconstructing your financial future. With us, you receive more than just legal advice; you gain a dependable partner genuinely dedicated to your financial recovery and long-term prosperity.

Safeguard your financial future. Contact Friedman Law Group, P.C. today to discover how our expertise in bankruptcy law can benefit you.


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