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Navigating disputes,

protecting your rights

Entering the realm of civil litigation can seem daunting when disputes arise. At Friedman Law Group, P.C., we are here to simplify this journey for you. Our proficient team of litigators work diligently, dedicated to safeguarding your rights and striving for the most favorable outcomes that serve your best interests.

Our seasoned attorneys competently represent clients across multiple platforms – State Court, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court, and Arbitration proceedings. We offer profound expertise in areas such as:

Loan Acquisition

The path to securing a loan is layered with complexity. We provide expert guidance, skillfully negotiating and obtaining the most favorable terms to bolster your financial footing.

Transaction Management

The transaction process demands precision and dedication. We handle every aspect—from due diligence and contract drafting to negotiation and finalization, always with your best interests in focus.

Risk Mitigation

The financial landscape is fraught with potential pitfalls. Through strategic advice, we identify and sidestep potential hazards early, safeguarding your bottom line and ensuring your growth.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

We house a skilled legal team that is adept at resolving a variety of disputes encompassing property transactions, boundary conflicts, construction defects, and more, ensuring your real estate interests are effectively protected.

Commercial Transactions and Contract Disputes

With an acute understanding of commercial law, we work to untangle disputes arising from commercial transactions and contractual disagreements, with the goal to protect your rights and ensure equitable dealings.

Landlord-Tenant Matters

Whether it’s a landlord grappling with lease violations or a tenant facing unresolved obligations, our attorneys represent your interests with tenacity and sound judgement.

Complex Business Transactions

We navigate the intricate terrain of business law to deliver favorable outcomes, handling matters ranging from mergers and acquisitions to shareholder disputes.

Advocacy beyond representation.

At Friedman Law Group, P.C., we perceive ourselves not only as your legal representatives but also as your staunch advocates. Our mission extends beyond simply achieving victory in court – we aspire to offer solutions that genuinely serve your best interests, now and in the future.

Allow us to help transform your disputes into harmonious resolutions. Get in touch with Friedman Law Group, P.C. today, and let us start paving your way to a peaceful resolution.


Closed Real Estate Transactions in 2022

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